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    My Primary interest is the promulgation of the true Faith as revealed unto the Prophet Shmoohammad by Poopy Panda, the Little Lord Joozis and by the Lord Roscoe
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    God knows the secret petitions of your heart. He knows every hidden dream He’s placed within you. He knows those things that you haven’t told anybody about. Maybe you thought they would never come to pass, or maybe you buried them because they didn’t happen on your timetable. Maybe, in the natural, you have every reason to give up on those dreams. Be encouraged today—God is still working behind the scenery! He still has a plan to bring those dreams to pass. Do what the verse says, and delight yourself in Him today. That word delight, actually means to make yourself soft and pliable. It paints the picture of God as the Potter and you as the clay. Allow God to mold and shape your character today. Allow Him to direct your plans and ideas. Keep an attitude of faith and expectancy today, and as you submit your ways to the Lord and open your heart to His leading, He will fulfill those secret petitions of your heart!
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    Have a Blessed Eid ul Roscoe


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About me:

Howdy out there in Internet land. I am Iya Toldya Abulbul Amir Ibn Shmendrick, cheif Mullah of the Shmizlamic Faith system. We are the logical replacement for Islam and other stupid flat earth religions.

Demonstration for Shmizlamby modus ponens and modus tollens

Mustapha Ibn Yo Mahmah

Who I'd like to meet:

The Hoogly Shmoran


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