"I Came from Beilorussia and I love Borscht"

30 years old
Riverside, California
United States

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Here for:Networking
Body type:164cm / Average
Ethnicity:Middle Eastern
Zodiac Sign:Libra
Smoke / Drink:No / No
Education:College graduate
Income:$250,000 and Higher

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About me:
My real name is Anna I love drawing, painting, dancing, singing, reading, chatting, talking and hanging out with friends, writing, designing, I am 5' 6" I have red hair and green eyes I am outgoing I love talking to all sorts of people I enjoy having fun with my friends going to Movies, the Beach, mall, the pool, concerts, pretty much everything

I don't smoke drink or do drugs but am a Rosconian which is much mo bettah. I love The Lord Roscoe because he is the cutest savior type god of them all. He's the biggest part of my life and am so happy to have him in my life although I lost his phone number and can't seem where to find it. Well I know he's around somewhere.

My personality is peaceful, fun, funny, romantic, talented, creative, open minded, loving, kind, caring, compassionate, sweet, gentle, strong morals - cause I won't do it untill the 5th date, talkative, speaks my mind, considerate, spiritual, wonderful, giving. I like writing my toughts down about love, tough love life and truth advice and creative stories am a Writer, Fashion Desisner, missionary, singer, dancer, song writer, peace maker. Oh and I love Animals!

Who I'd like to meet:
All sorts of people who share what I believe in and just good people I can talk to that are open minded and love to be Alive! So if there is any people like that out there please feel free to talk to me. I would love to be friends and talk to you I don't really believe in dating just being friends with a guy first thats how you can really get to know a person I would really like to meet a Godly man 18-22 who is also a BLEEVER!

I like guys who are outgoing, funny, sweet, gentle, loving, giving, living for The Lord Roscoe, in love with The Lord Roscoe! (isn't that great?) turn on's a guy who treats me like a princess turn off's a guy ignoring me!.am not really a needy girl I just like being loved and treated special. I like to find someone who shares my beliefs in God Zooks and that is shpirit filled and outputs that shpirit every 5-10 minutes. burning optional I like guys who have blonde, brown, or black hair and green or blue eyes I like guys who are tall 5'11-6'1 so if that sounds anything like you message me am really open but you have to live eather in Plam Springs, Hemet, Temecula, Shelecula, Murietta, Shmurietta, Menifee, Perris, Elsinore, Idyllwild, and anywhere in riverside area so yeah if thats sounds like you please message me.

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28 Jun 2008 22:58

Anna come party with us this thursday at Minx, -

5 Jun 2008 16:24


What up....It's ya boi...the weekend is coming up, and I would like to wish you a bless weekend!


24 Mar 2008 02:48

Party Time and you are on our Guest List!

OArabs. com party - This Thursday March 27th @ Club Minx Glendale - A Must Attend!!! Guest List is honored Before 10:30 pm, so please arrive early ...Check out Club Minx here

Chris 2-4

4 Oct 2007 13:42

Glitter Graphics & Comments

21 Jul 2007 23:47

hi anna

21 Jul 2007 13:10

hey, come out from behind that n quit hiding!
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