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Boris Bublichky

Ishkibbibblical Scholar and Raconteur

  • Boris Bublichky

  • 43 / Male
  • UA
  • Online Now!


  • General

    Our mission is to spread Rosconianism and Rosconian beliefs. We believe that no one should be afraid to talk about God Zooks or his Hamster the Lord Roscoe. Spread the word by mouth or wear messages on your clothing. Show the world that you believe in God Zooks and that he sent his only Hamster, the Lord Roscoe Threee Times for our Sins


  • Status: Single
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra


About me:

I'm Martin Bublichky, Missionary of Mota and the other six gods.

  • The Great God Mota made the Universe with his BIG BANG MACHINE.
  • He used some recipe's from his Motha, Elucelom and his Gramma, Nortcele.
  • On his right hand is the LORD ROSCOE our Personal SAVIOUR.
  • On his Left Hand is POOPY PANDA who sends FAXes and E_MAILS to the prophets.
  • and then there is the spirit of ASHLOZMO, who represents the structure of space with all of its virtual particles.

Did you know that the facts of Rosconianism are VERIFIED by SCIENCE and that new discoveries of Science are place into the ISHKIBBIBBLE, the hoogly shcriptures of the Society of Roscoe? This makes it certain that we are always UP TO DATE not like other religions which are GOBOLTY GOOK!.

The Lord Roscoe has died not once, but THREE TIMES for our sins making a BLEEVER in the Lord Roscoe get Two more time SALVATION that our nearest competitor.

I suggest you come up, ALL THE WAY UP, to the Rosconian faith. It is refreshingly smooth. BUT HAS REAL GUSTO!

Who I'd like to meet:

What is a fast Rosconian Sin Reduction?

It happens to men of all ages, no matter if you are a single guy or in relationship, sometimes you feel the need for a night with a woman that is keen for just on thing... A night of celebrating the BOILING BORSCHT with no questions asked! And that's what we are here to help you find.

We all know everyone has a purely shpiritual side, and we all know men need a night of BOILING BORSCHT here and there just to have their Sins Forgiven! What makes you think women aren't the same?? the best thing is fast Rosconian Sin Reduction has a massive database of missionary women who want to meet up and have a night of BOILING BORSCHT like just you!

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