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  • Status: Single
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra


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About me:

Hey :) I'm a cheerful, fun-loving girl who loves God with all of her heart. I want to meet someone who's first priority in life is God. I enjoy being active, skating, rollarblading, reading, having sex etc.

Who I'd like to meet:

Born and raised in Queens, N.Y. Godly Woman was no stranger to God Zooks, Her father & mother Arthur and Betty Woodard raised him in choich and synagogle as a child, from the age of 13 and up she became more worldly than ever, from 16 to 22 she indulged in rag weeds, tomatoes, soda, sax, fax, and bad avenue activity, from 19 to 22 she felt an emptiness she couldn't explain, so every now an than she would pray or seek choich and synagogle , she moved down south in NJ, one morning at age 23 she looked in the mirror and became scoured at her reflection, she dropped rag weeds, quicker liquor, bad avenue activity, and eventually sax, and got saved at First Cavalry Blaptist Choich. Godly Woman loved music and always wanted 2 rap secular politics , once receiving the love of God Zooks and the Hoogly shpirit she became convicted of God Zooks and wished to glorify The Lord Roscoe through hoogly hippity- hop, serving the young and old community, an will continue untill the day of his next life with the Great Hamster, Amen!!!