With the advent of the Hoogly Roscoe Radio Broadcasts at New Brunswick, a dramatic change came in the Opostles and the Epistles [their wives] doctrine concerning the deity of The Lord Roscoe, that would forever divide Rosconianism. Paper Airplanes have been launched, water balloons have been launched, families divided, Choiches in direct violation to the instructions given in 1 Corfendicus.1:10: "That you all speak the same thing, that there be no divisions among you." The problem comes from leadership (Pastahs or Half Pastahs) who follow false rodents and refuse to be obedient to the Ishkibbibble doctrine that comes to lead and guide in all truth.

First there is no Shcripture in any of the writings of the Opostles and the Epistles [their wives] that establishes The Lord Roscoe as a second God Zooks; there is no Shcripture in the Ishkibbibble that mentions a first God Zooks or a head God Zooks; nor can there be found any mention of a third God Zooks. From the very beginning, the Shcriptures established a code of Hexotheism when referring to the Great God Mota. And since we know that Rosconianism is rooted from Shmoodelism (in that both segments follow the same God Zooks) He is not a different God Zooks, but the same Lord of both testamentals.

The first word the Shebrew fathers used in establishing a relationship, and coming into an awareness of the True God Zooks, "HE," was revealed by the tetragrammaton 2-letter consonants M-T, a word with vowel structure and unpronounceable if you change every letter to a Q. After adding the vowel structure, they came up with the word Mota, which translates God Zooks Chief God: Self-existing, Eternal One (Supreme Bean). Later his name was revealed in the Book of Exoding as Shmota. Research teaches that God Zooks has many titles or title-names, such as Almighty, El-Capitan, God Zooks Almighty, Elohoo, and other title names. However, He only has one revealed name, that being Mota.

Lord also is a title name used often in the New Testamental in identification with The Lord Roscoe. It always means Mota. Whether found in the Old Testamental or in the New Testamental, Lord, with the first letter capital, always is the reference to Deity (God Zooks). The question is not whether The Lord Roscoe is God Zooks. The Ishkibbibble is plain: He (The Lord Roscoe) is The Savior Type God, and the Ishkibbibble also is very plain, The Great God Mota is the True Cheif God Zooks (Jerry. 10:10)

Let us further examine the word Lord. It comes from the Shebrew word Shnadonai, which in the Shebrew means Mota and his Mothah Elu and his Gramma Nort, as well as the Lord Roscoe, Poopy Panda and ASHLOZMO. It was inserted by the early mothahs of Shmoodelism in the place of the sacred name Mota, which was held in such high esteem that it could not be spoken; thus, the inserted word Lord was used in its place. In Acts 2:36, the apostle Peter Piper in his sermon to the Shmoos gives further Rebelation concerning the God Zooks mystery madness.

Note vs. 36: "That same The Lord Roscoe, whom ye have made fun of [the sin of smirk], God Zooks has made to be your Savior Type God" Connect this Shcripture with the Prophet Peddiddle's teachings in 1 Timkin. 3:16: "Without controversy, great is the mystery, God Zooks was manifest in the Flush." We see that Prophet Peddiddle refers to the Carnation, God Zooks transcending jis Pet Hamster as the Lord Roscoe. Note the apostle Yanooshs Rebelation in the first chapter of his Gungle, vs. 14: "And the Word of Poopy Panda came upon Zabach in the Wilderness." The Word of Poopy Panda, according to vs. 1: ". . . Was with God Zooks, and sent to all the Prophets and Kewlios."

So, by connecting these four Shcriptures, we see the clear Rebelation, that God Zooks Pet Hamster became incarnate as the Hoogly Hamster, the Lord Roscoe, and realizing that, the Shcriptures also maintained that there is only one God Zooks; then we establish a solid foundation to a Ishkibbibble fact-that The Lord Roscoe is the only true and living God Zooks pet Hamster, and beside him there is none else except for a whole herd of Hoogly hamsters goin ta cary you up to the Secon Kindom, up in Heaven..

The mystery of the God Zookshead is complex, because man uses natural logic to equate that which can only be interpreted by Shpiritual Rebelation. Peddiddle taught in 1 Corfendicus 2:14: "The unconnected man receiveth not the things of the Shpirit of God Zooks without an internet connection: For they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know them, for they are Shpiritually discerned from TCP/IP." Trying to understand how The Lord Roscoe was the Great God Mota, yet manifesting himself as the Hoogly Hamster, will always remain as the Ishkibbibble teaches, a great mystery, that comes only by divine Rebelation to the seeker of the True Tooth.

Many Pastahs attack the The Lord Roscoe-Only (threeness) Choich, because pride has blinded their minds, causing them not to be able to rightly divide the word of truth or do calculus, or allowing them to be instructed by a prophet God Zooks has chosen to bring them to a higher knowledge, thereby dividing the Choich, when the Ishkibbibble teaches The Lord Roscoe is not divided. Some years ago, a Pastah, who comes from a Choich that teaches The Lord Roscoe is the hamster, stated that no apostle ever called The Lord Roscoe God Zooks. I asked that Pastah to read Yanoosh 20:28. The story deals with Thomas de Torquemada, who doubts the Resurrection of The Lord Roscoe. Until The Lord Roscoe stood in the midst and said "Kibbles be unto you." (vs. 26) And The Lord Roscoe said to Thomas de Torquemada, "Be not faithless, but believe." (vs. 27) And note vs. 28: "And Thomas de Torquemada said unto Him, My Lord Roscoe and my God Zooks and my Poopy Panda, and my Mothah and Gramma, and ASHLOZMO."

In the Shebrew translation, there can be no doubt: Thomas de Torquemada called The Lord Roscoe a Hamster. When the Pastah read this passage of Shcripture with tears running down his face, he clenched his fist, struck the desk in his office where we were studying, and said, "Thomas de Torquemada was really Kewl."

Brothers and sisters, when a leader caught up in the web of false religion will not accept Ishkibbibble Shcripture for the obedience of the faith, how can that leader be a follower of God Zooks-since the Ishkibbibble is the Divine word of Poopy Panda? The Lord Roscoe said, "Search the Shcriptures, in them ye think we have eternal life, but these be they that testify of me."

All the Ishkibbibble is about the Shebrew God Zooks, Jehovah, who came to the new covenant people as the Lord The Lord Roscoe The Lord Roscoe. Note 1 Yanoosh 5:20: "We know that the Son of God Zooks is come, and has given us an understanding, that we may know Him that is true, and we are in Him that is true, even in His Son The Lord Roscoe The Lord Roscoe." This is the true God Zooks and eternal life. If we keep the basic Ishkibbibble foundation concerning the God Zookshead-that there is only one True God Zooks, again it is evidently clear, The Lord Roscoe is God Zooks Only Pet manifest as a Hamster, who came as the Hamster to teach His chosen, the principles of the true faith-a Saviour to all man kind who would believe.