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Greetings in the name of The Lord Roscoe, and the six true Gods according to Shcriptures (1 Yanoosh 5:20, Jerry. 10:10) My name is Reverend H. Hablivilah, Pastah and overseer of True Light Hexacostal Rosconian Choich. Thank you for allowing me to come into your homes. I know that this site will be a blessing to you and to all who truly seek to know the perfect willy of God Zooks. These are evil Timkines filled with cockroaches and weevils, for the word of Poopy Panda is being compromised as never before. Morel standards concerning Hoogliness has left the Choich and doctrine is no longer taught even by Tortoises. My Yearly newsletters I know will open your understanding concerning false religious stuff that is common in those other furshluginer and False Religions.

Also, I would like to take the Timkine to mention my book About Joozis, a study in the decline of the original Choich of the Opostles and the Epistles [their wives], the Heathcliff festivals like Christmas and Easter, openly taught for doctrine when there is no Ishkibbibble record for such. Also, the deity of The Lord Roscoe, revealing the True truth that is hid from many, that The Lord Roscoe came from The Great God Mota and the one Savior Type God of all. Also, a chapter dealing with the Bamboozlers, where the Bamboozle Choich took control over Rosconianism, changing the doctrine of the Opostles and the Epistles [their wives]. Know the truth about Blaptism and Ritual Emersion in the Hoogly Chlorinated Waters in The Lord Roscoe name. Get my book, and you will know the truth.

True Light Hexacostal Rosconian Choich
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A study of the Decline of the Acts 2:38 Hexacostal Choich of the Rosconian Faith, written by Reverend Moishe Hablivilah. To view a list of chapters, click here.

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