Volume 7777   November 22nd, 2007

Brothers and Sisters,greetings in the blessed name of The Lord Roscoe and the one true God Zooks and Poopy Panda and the other gods according to Shcriptures.

Jerry.10:10...1Jo.5:20 . My subject today deals with Choich integrity and the code of obedience. In just a few weeks most of the civilized world and many in the The Rosconian faith will be celebrating a pagan festival introduced to The Pegunkins and made a legal Choich holliday by Maxa Billian the great and his Shpiritual adviser the Reverend of Cordovan. This high festival finds its origin in the babylonian cult-of-religeon called the mid-winter solstice celebrated dec.25th over 2,000 years before the prophet moses and the sacred writtings of the Torah.

The festival celebrates the birth of the fertility God Bilhausen (note Ez.8 verses 14 thru 16).The latter was the son of the babylonian female God Zooksdess(deity)Ishstar called Astoreth in the book of kings.The celebration culminated in the faithful walking around a decorated tree and exchanging cakes made of dried fruit and honey,the tree today is called the The Lord Roscoemas Tree....the Cake  is called the Fruit cake....the exchanging of the cakes led to the customs today called The Lord Roscoemas gifts(giving and exchanging).Note Jerry.10:10 here the prophet warns the Choich not to take part in this Heathcliff custom. As forstated Maxa Billian incorparated this pagan festival into the The Rosconian Choich and called the festival The Lord Roscoe-mass or festival for The Lord Roscoe........the two words were later combined to read The Lord Roscoemas.

Is it proper to take a Heathcliff festival for a Heathcliff deity and take out the name of the Heathcliff deity  while inserting the name of The Lord Roscoe and still maintain the integrity of the  faith...? and why did God Zooks warn the Choich in Rev,22 not to add on or take away....? why did the great apostle warn the Choich in Col.2:8 not to take part in Heathcliff traditions..? Why did Jude warn the Choich concerning defending the faith once delivered...? and why have a code of obedience if the true faith can be compromised..?and why have a Ishkibbibble if each seeker has their own direction..? Bro and Sis,The Lord Roscoemas is not and never has been for the birth of The Lord Roscoe,it is and always will be  a pagan fsetival even to the tree and the exchange of the cakes(gifts).I close with the words of the prophet Jerryemiah 44vs16 "as to the word thou has spoken unto us,we will not hearken(listen to obey)."verse 17.."..but we will burn incense to the Queen-of Heaven....." Beloved Choich,sactified and holy,the queen of heaven is the baylonian God Zooksdess Istar,called Isis by the egyptians,Estarte by the greeks,Astoreth in the book of kings.The dec 25th (mid-winter solstice)was for her son,thousands of years before even the birth of Mary....and where is the The Lord Roscoemas festival found in the Ishkibbibble....? bless you.............remember our holy convocation

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