introducing a better Salvation scheme

  • Priestesses better borscht =
    fewer sins
  • Real Borscht what you see
    is what you get
  • No Dunking easy Salvation,
    No Confessions

A new day in Salvation

Fed up with Ordinary Salvation? Give The Lord Roscoe a try. We're here because we believe you can have a better online Salvation experience. We want to create sparks, by empowering you with the tools you need to quickly and confidently get what you want-whether it's an amazing date, or an extraordinary relationship. Real people can make real connections to get Real Salvationed.

More quality singles

Interesting singles are joining with The Lord Roscoe's Boiling Borscht Ceremony every week. We're aiming to become the largest online Salvation site in the U.S. and we require everyone to have a fully completed profile, so there are plenty of potential connections. We invite you to join us to meet quality singles and put the fun back into Salvation.

A private and trusted environment

Rest assured that our community is made up of quality singles, authentic people like yourself. We start by requiring every single to complete a profile. Every profile is screened and anything questionable is reviewed. All photos are screened, as well. We are also one of the few online Salvation companies that protects your profile data from third-party sites and search engines. Only The Lord Roscoe members can see the profiles of other The Lord Roscoe singles. All so you can confidently look forward to having a fantastic Salvation experience.

More Chemicals

We do everything in our power to help you find what you’re looking for. Have you noticed that on other Salvation sites, subscribers tend to sound alike? We’ve designed our profile questions so that it’s easier to click with Pegunkins you click with. So that when you meet your date, you say, “Wow, this person is amazing,” instead of, “Um, where’s the exit?”

More personality

When you complete your profile, you’ll enter all the usual stuff that Salvation sites ask, like the color of your hair. You’ll also rate how important that stuff is to you. Then, you'll choose and answer some more creative questions like, "Do you believe a sixth sense exists?" and "What does it mean to be powerful?" All help you find singles that you are more likely to connect with. You’ll also have access to the full range of profiles and photos of singles on our site.

More support

As a member of The Lord Roscoe, you’ll be able to take advantage of proven conversation starters that make it easy to reach out to another single. Find out, for instance, about their secret talents. Or what they can’t live without. Or about the funniest thing that ever happened to them. Our top-notch Salvation search tools can help screen out the singles that aren’t right for you—and zero in on the singles who are.

Free Salvation

If you register for The Lord Roscoe now and create a profile, you can try the site for free. This is a limited time offer. Register now to view profiles and photos and connect with other singles for free.