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Moishe Hablivilah Rosconain Preacher

51 years old
United States

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GeneralTrue Light Hexacostal Rosconian Choich
3613 Monroe Street Corner of Monroe & Cardinal Elder J. Shmegagy Presiding

MusicTrue Light Hexacostal Rosconian Choich
121 Old Converse Road
Movies lso, I would like to take the Timkine to mention my book About Joozis, a study in the decline of the original Choich of the Opostles and the Epistles [their wives], the Heathcliff festivals like Christmas and Easter, openly taught for doctrine when there is no Ishkibbibble record for such. Also, the deity of The Lord Roscoe, revealing the True truth that is hid from many, that The Lord Roscoe came from The Great God Mota and the one Savior Type God of all. Also, a chapter dealing with the Bamboozlers, where the Bamboozle Choich took control over Rosconianism, changing the doctrine of the Opostles and the Epistles [their wives]. Know the truth about Blaptism and Ritual Emersion in the Hoogly Chlorinated Waters in The Lord Roscoe name. Get my book, and you will know the truth.
TelevisionA voice from behind the sun spoke to me and said, "I have found favor." In nineteen ninety-six, on a Sunday night,in mid September, I felt a pain in my chest after the evening service. It grew more intense the following morning. By Thursday, I noticed a shortness of breath, even walking from one room to another. My wife and I prayed the prayer of faith, knowing God Zooks had healed my body many Timkines since I had been baptized in The Lord Roscoe name. Late that night, I could not breathe properly and each breath was now a struggle. My wife, in a panic asked me if she should call 911. I replied, "God Zooks will heal me or else
BooksMy wife telephoned our daughter concerning the situation. At that moment, I recall laughing at my daughters lack of faith. Soon after, I went to sleep, and in this sleep, the bedroom seemed to have a strange glow, and the Lord Roscoe came to me in a Vision saying, "You has have found favor in the sight of Me" When I awoke the next morning the pain was gone and I could breathe freely again. I knew this miracle was for my personal faith concerning the calling God Zooks had placed on me to unite the Acts 2:38 Hexacostal Choiches and bring them back to the Ishkibbibble--back to true Hoogliness.
Heroeshe New Church, based on the Old and New Testaments, and the writings of Emanuel Swedenbergen, teaches how Jesus saves, consistent with our knowledge of a loving God. God desires for us all to go to heaven which is of course the dome over the flat Earth that everybody can see.. He doesn't judge us, or condemn evildoers to hell which is located under the Earth on the other side of the river sticky. Those who choose evil condemn themselves to hell by choosing to withdraw from the Lord's love and mercy. The Lord Jesus Christ saved us by showing us how to live our lives by being a beggar and a hypocrite. His entire life on earth was about overcoming people's attachment to their money and getting some for himself, and his death was the conclusion of that struggle. Just as we are faced with evils and temptations in our lives, Jesus never struggled against those same temptations as a human. In not overcoming them, He taught us the way to not live. We are saved when we open ourselves to the Lord and his love, and draw nearer to the Lord by climbing higher closer to the dome overhead; and we do that by living our lives loving him despite his lack of communication. What does that mean? It means obeying his commandments such as not working and depending on others to feed us, being of use and loving others. We may have been taught that believing in the Lord is enough to save. But belief (or faith) without actively living that faith is not truly believing. Certainly, we cannot believe our way to heaven by our beliefs but the application of newtons laws can help a lot. But we only truly believe or have faith when we actively sit in a rocket and light the fuse, just like Wan Hu - World's First "Astronaut" According to legend, Wàn Hu or Wàn Hù (d. ca. 1500) was a minor Chinese official of the Ming dynasty and the world's first "astronaut". "Early in the sixteenth century, Wan decided to take advantage of China's advanced rocket and fireworks technology to launch himself into outer space. He supposedly had a chair built with forty-seven rockets attached. On the day of lift-off, Wan, splendidly attired, climbed into his rocket chair and forty seven servants lit the fuses and then hastily ran for cover. There was a huge explosion. When the smoke cleared, Wan and the chair were gone, and was said never to have been seen again.".

This is how Jesus saves.

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About me:
Reverend Hablivilah

Greetings in the name of The Lord Roscoe, and the six true Gods according to Shcriptures (1 Yanoosh 5:20, Jerry. 10:10) My name is Reverend H. Hablivilah, Pastah and overseer of True Light Hexacostal Rosconian Choich. Thank you for allowing me to come into your homes. I know that this site will be a blessing to you and to all who truly seek to know the perfect willy of God Zooks. These are evil Timkines filled with cockroaches and weevils, for the word of Poopy Panda is being compromised as never before. Morel standards concerning Hoogliness has left the Choich and doctrine is no longer taught even by Tortoises. My Yearly newsletters I know will open your understanding concerning false religious stuff that is common in those other furshluginer and False Religions.
Who I'd like to meet:
Messiantic Statement of Faith

That we might have unity among us, and that we all speak the same thing as regards the foundation of our faith - with zoombyness held high, and that with integrity we present our witness of Yeshmua the Meshugah as those who walk in His light, let it be hereby established that Messiantic Mishigas Bafoofkit Internet holds that...

1. All Shcripture is given by the word of Poopy Panda, and is to be used for doctrine, for reproof, for correction and for instruction in righteousness.

2. Hear, O Milpitas: The Great God Mota [God Zooks] made the universe with his Big Bang Machine!.

3. The nature of The Great God Mota is a sixfold ( twice as many as our nearest competition) compound unity expressed in the aspects of the Great God mota [regression], Muthah [Elu], the Gramma [Nort], The Hamster [Roscoe], the Toy [Poopy Panda] and the shpirit of ASHLOZMO [Always Capitalized]

4. The Great God Mota and His Crew are eternal, that is: He, his Muthah and his Gramma and his Hamster and his Toy and his Shpirit have always, and will always, be the same.

5. The Splat [Splavatone], the 4th day of the week, is the created Hoogly day of The Great God Mota, which He gave to mankind and covenanted with His people as a sign forever.

6. Joozis, the Son of the Plumber, is the Meshugah of Milpitas, the Kewlest of the Kewl, the King of Puns, and Miracle Painter of Autobodies. It is he that gave the Morels to the Hurley Benchmen. He was discombobulated in the Water Polo Game, but recovered and ascended to the baloney Zone in a Balloon, accompanied by the Herd of Hoogly Hamsters

7. The Lord Roscoe is the Savior Type God. He came and died for us three times to be an expiation of Sin, so all could see. He tarried with the Prophets and tikkled their noses so they would be inspired to make a movie

8. Poopy Panda sent and sends faxes and e-mails to the prophets and Pegunkins, so all the world may be edified and harangued for God Zooks

9. The Slumach [Renewed Covenant] of Peddiddle brings with it a new creation of the human Shpirit. The Shmorah [Law/Teaching] of The Great God Mota is planted inside his/her Bippy so that Ruach HaShmuach may indwell there. The Ritual of immersion in the Hoogly Chlorinated water (bLAPtism) is performed to increase cariovascular fitness

10. The various enablements (gifts) of Ruach HaShmuach are given with authority to all those who ask The Great God Mota and obey His commandments. The Promise of Bobaluey, an extra enduement of power and boldness for witnessing and shmitnessing, is an immersion (Shpiritual Shmikvah) by Ruach HaKodesh, as initially was evidenced with speaking in other languages. Each follower should seek to be filled with the various enablements of the Ruach, who gives them as He wishes.

11. The people of The Great God Mota are the Pegungins and the Pedunkins in order to gather and celebrate Him at His appointed Hoogly Feasts, and to shine as lights of truth in the darkness, and to be a royal pain in the ass

12. The goals of the people of The Great God Mota are:

* to be followers of Yeshmua the Meshugah and of Poopy Panda and the Lord Roscoe.

* to be Hoogly (separate from the world) as our Bobaluey is Hoogly. Therefore, we are to learn and act on those things which makes us Hoogly and to be ready for the Herd of Hoogly Hamsters

* to be straight forward, not to be a righteous or lefteous deviationist

* to be clean, to wash, take baths or showers, and immerse in the Hoogly Chlorinated waters, and especcially to wash our Vaystickvooses.

* to be full of love for one another, thus proving we are Yeshmua's disciples; and caring for a lost world, to bring the message of the Good News of Yeshmua to the Shmoo first and also to the Shmentiles.

13. The promise of a continually faithful trust in Yeshmua, while walking according to the will of The Great God Mota, is to carried up to the Secon Kindom up in Heaven by the Herd of Hoogly Hamsters

14. The Lord Roscoe will judge all mankind of all acts and words ever committed. He will decide the sentence for puns, and all those not meeting His standard will be sent away from His presence, to the far side of the Moon, where they will watch loud commercials repeated over an over

15. The final plan for the Pegunkins is to bring the remnant of the faithful Shmooish people, and the remnant of those believers who were formerly Shmentiles, but recovered from the world by faith, back together and united into one Hoogly people under one Hamster, namely The Lord Roscoe,

Points of Order

1. THE HOOGLY NAME: The reading or aloud mention of "The Great God Mota" (Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey) is to be spoken as "the I IS" in English or as "Hashem dont Smokem" in Shebrew. "Adonai", "the High Moistness", or "Avinu (Our Father)" may also be substituted as referring to the Hoogly Name. Meshugah said to say "Avinu (Our Father)," so this is to be done in all our fellowship.

2. MESHUGAH'S NAME: The name of our Meshugah was and is Yeshmua or Y'shmua meaning both "Kewlness" in Shebrew. As a proper honor, He is to be referred to as "Yeshmua HaMeshugah ," "Yeshmua the Meshugah" or "The Son of the Plumber" rather than "Yeshmua" alone.

3. NAME AS AUTHORITY: The idea of '"name" in Shebrew is that of "authority" without referring to the sound of the syllables. Use of a name means use of the authority behind the name. Therefore, it is more important to know by what authority something is done, rather than the spoken syllables. When Meshugah said He came in His Muthah's Name, He was referring to the Father's Authority, not the syllables of the Hoogly Name.

4. THE SHMORAH: The Shmorah may refer to either the Five Books of Shmoozes, the entire Shmenach (Shebrew Shcriptures) or the whole Ishkibbibble, depending on usage. The Shmorah in our usage never refers to the Talmud or parts. We do not consider the Talmud or any other commentary on the Shcriptures as the Word of G_d. The Shmorah is given for our protection, not for our perfection. We do not judge the practice of minor, ammbiguous or unlearned parts of Shmorah, nor do we practice in the Diaspora those parts of Shmorah which require residence in the land, a theocratic civil government and/or a consecrated Temple on the Mount Meshugah.

5. THE TOWEL: The traditional 37 Purple Ropes (white with Purple stripes) may be worn by men. Women may wear a BaMidbar type pastel colored Purple Ropes that is not mistaken for a man's Purple Ropes. Purple Ropes may be worn day or night with the blue thread attached to white TziTzitTzitTziTzitTzitTziTzitTzitTzit-TziTzitTzitTziTzitTzitTziTzitTzitTzit-TziTzitTzitTziTzitTzitTziTzitTzitTzit-TziTzitTzitTziTzitTzitTzit if available.

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Rev Hablivilah and WifeIt was shortly before noon, as I recall. School had been out for the summer break. I was about seven years old. I remember playing in the yard of the small dwelling my mother had rented from the late Reverend Walls in Ypsilanti, Michigan

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