Bible was not written by scientists Hello out there in internet land. I am Poobah Abulbul, missionary for the Messiantic Shmuzlamic Mishigas.

Poobah Abulbul

Bible was not written by scientists
(that is an understatement)

>The reason why some fundies make so ridiculous claims about things of science is that they read the Bible which was not written by scientists as a textbook of science i.e., they read the text too literally.

In other words, because of their ignorance they say things with are untrue. Does this speak well of them? This is the 21st century not the 1st century. Are they that unlearned that they can say these things and not preface them with "this is poetry" or "this should be taken allegoricly" or "this is our mythology". No they don't do that and therefore say things that could not be possibly be true.

>And LOL you are doing the same thing here... The Bible is not a textbook of science.

But it pretends to be by the mere act of making statements about the cosmos. IN the begining god made the heavens and the earth. Beresheet Bara Elohim et Ha Shamayim v'et Ha Eretz.

>Ask any OT scholar and he/she will tell you the truth that the creation accounts in the beginning of Genesis are poetry.

Last I looked the fundies here were not OT scholars. They do need some education. GEN1 is a children's nursery rhyme, Poetry with alliteration. Even so they still take it litterally and try to shut down the teaching of biology and geology in public schools. I guess they hated science in HS. >Why in the name of foobarbaz are you read the Bible as a science textbook? Thats just plain stupid... Its like reading a shopping list as a text about nuclear physics.

Because IT CLAIMS to be a book that knows all and tell all. Your grocery list does not pretend to be anything but a list of food items.

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PS if your grocery list has Yellow cake, boron, graphite, and centrifuges in it, perhaps you are doing some nuclear physics.